World consumption of coffee

Coffee aka the drink of adults, the drink that wakes up but especially the third drink in the world (after water and tea, the base, no joke). Coffee reaches this beautiful record thanks to the 400 billion cups drunk per year, or 1,684 cups per second. Thus, it is relatively obvious that the coffee industry brings in a lot of money, about ten billion dollars per year (just that). It goes without saying that coffee is an interesting market to enter (after all, you have to have a pretty cool idea or at least good products).

for the 22nd country in terms of population we can say that we play in the big league or we are completely addicted to choices :’). On average, a French person consumes 5.4 kg of coffee per year knowing that a coffee is usually 10 grams. Here comes the figure that makes me feel a bit particular, it’s that 90% of the French adults drink coffee (so I’m either an alien or a child in the body of a young adult of 21). To continue with figures, French households spend 3% of their food budget, which is on average around 295€ per month, on coffee so what a privilege. However, 90% of consumers buy it in supermarkets.   

The Siemens Company

To begin with, let’s talk a little about the Siemens brand, everyone has already heard the name of this brand but we are far from imagining all that the company does and offers. It all started in Berlin in 1847, with Werner Siemens, Johann Goerg Halske and a tin cigar box. This combination gave rise to the telegraph, the forerunner of the fax machine. For more than 140 years, and throughout the world’s events, the brand has always positioned itself as a pioneering and innovative company. From the power plant in Switzerland to the airplane engine, the X-ray system or the refrigerator, Siemens has been able to adapt to the market and the various events.

Nowadays we know Siemens as the brand of small and large household appliances but you would have understood the brand is present in a large number of different industries, which makes it particularly renowned (with its very good quality of course).  Moreover, the company offers products at the cutting edge of technology, innovative and durable as we will see through the most expensive model of connected espresso machine that the company offers.

The EQ.9 Plus Connect S700 coffee machine

The EQ.9 Plus Connect S700 espresso machine is the most expensive machine that the brand offers. So if you want to serve coffees worthy of the greatest barista to your friends you will have to pay the cursed sum of 2 699€. But the brand justifies this price rather well through the various features but also the very high quality of the machine.

Indeed, the machine was designed to be fully automated, silent and ultra versatile, with a power of 1500 Watts (personally it does not mean much to me but for those of you who are very interested in watts here is the info), the machine connects to wifi to be used via an application on our smartphone. I’m not going to lie to you, that it’s this little detail that interested me the most when I read the product description and that’s what I want to talk about.

The Home Connect application

Everything happens through the Home Connect application, which is an application that allows us to control our appliances Siemens but not only: Bosh, Neff and Gaggenau. What I find really good because if you are a fanatic of connected products it would be mega relou to have an application for each product.

So using the application we have five features at our disposal. The first one is called CoffeeWorld, it will offer us various recipes/speciality coffee from all over the world as you might have guessed. So, we just have to choose if we want Italian or American coffee and the machine runs.

Then with CoffePlaylist, you can program several drinks one after the other and then start the preparation and the machine makes your coffees. However, first of all, there is no point in forgetting to put your coffee cup and then it seems to me quite obvious that you have to be next to the machine to remove the filled cup and put the next one, so what do you save? 5 seconds and three movements? To see in use if this functionality is really useful. Or at least, I think it can be if for example you are working (#teleworking), you program your coffee, you launch it and once prepared you go to recover it, there it can have an interest.

A know-how section is also available on the site, which is purely instructive. Indeed, it will allow us to learn more about coffee: different varieties, cultivation, methods and techniques of extraction of flavors, in short everything that happens from the coffee bean to the cup (for the most cultured among us 😉 ).

Another feature that I find very good is the reminder of the maintenance of our machine. It’s true that it’s not something we think about all the time, or we don’t take the time to do it and we tell ourselves that our machine is fine. But in reality, the maintenance of a coffee machine like any other household appliance is essential to ensure its longevity (and given the price of a coffee machine, we don’t really want it to break down after 2 years…). So thanks to this feature we receive a notification when we have to carry out a cleaning action on the machine.

Finally, there is the technical service that offers us the possibility of not even going to the store or sending emails to the service department but in just a few clicks to give remote access to a technician/consultant for help or a quick diagnosis.

I lied to you, it’s not over, I reserved you the surprise that really makes everything for the end. Drum roll….. We have the possibility to control our machine with our voice !!!! It’s crazy for me, it’s really the future as we could imagine it in the last century. How does it work? Well, it’s very simple, you need to have a smart speaker but once this criterion is checked, you just have to connect it to the espresso machine via the Home Connect application. Once this is done we can control our machine with our voice, that is to say turn it on, turn it off, start the preparation of a drink or even interrupt the preparation.

My conclusion

I think that the technological progress of the companies are more and more amazing, the Siemens quality mixed with high technology gives this kind of incredible product. I have the impression that we have the possibility to really live in a futuristic house nowadays, soon our houses will be the same as the one in Black Mirror. I admit that comparing the thing to this series is a little bit scary but I think that such innovations could revolutionize our daily life but also have a positive impact on the environment. To conclude, I won’t buy this coffee machine because although I love my family and friends I won’t spend such a big amount of money to serve them luxury coffees but honestly I find the machine incredible and I totally understand that people who have the means buy this product.

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